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Home » Religious » Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid


Jamia Masjid located at the heart of the Tuticorin is of great historical importance. Having its majestic appearance in the west great cotton road, it is not only a place to worship for Muslims but also helps to express their unionship.

Jamia Masjid was built nearly 200 years ago when britishers ruled India. It is surrounded by busy trade center with many shopping complexes. The Masjid is easily accessible as it is located in the center of the city.

Jamia Masjid has its entrance facing the east and the place of worship facing towards the west. It occupies a total area more than 3 acres. The worship place occupies a total area of 5700sq.ft. The Mathusa(place of reading Quran) occupies 2600sq.ft. It can accomodate nearly 2500 people to worship. The Eegtha gardens located in VVD road serves as a place where the muslim friends gather during Ramzan, Bakrid and other festive seasons.

The administrative office of the mosque is situated withing the campus. It is called as 'Jamia Administrative Council'. This was started on 11.11.1929 and approved under judical law. The council member meet regulary. The member of the counil are changed every 3 years.

Social Work
The members of the council help the poor people and the students financially with the contributions obtained from the public. Social affairs of dipute between muslims are also brought to peace within the mosque without taking the issue to the court.

Author - Le An
Lasted updated - November 19, 2007
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