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Nalumavadi is a settlement on the southern edge of the Indian peninsula at about 9ºN latitude and 78ºE longitude, in Thoothukudi District. The population of this village is less than 5000 comprising about 200 families.

The legend says that when the Dravidian people emigrated from the Yazhppánam of present day Sri Lanka to the southern tip of Indian subcontinent, a small group made their settlement at ‘Mayilodai’ in Thoothukkudi district. After some time they again shifted their dwelling place to ‘Sugandhalai’. From here two brothers began their journey towards further south to avoid confrontation with the local sons of the soil. On their exile, they came to a place where water resources and mango groves were aplenty. Though the elder brother, Káththava Nádár decided to put his tent there, the younger one proceeded further to south. The first settler, Káththava Nádár made his dwelling place in the midst of four big Mangifera indica trees, and it was called Nálumávàdi: in the local language, Tamil, it means ‘under the shadow of four mango trees’. A Church of South India congregation was established in 1841 by Revd John Thomas and St John's church was built in 1842, extended in 1850 and rebuilt in 1926. The pastorate is part of the Tirunelveli diocese. It is the home of the Christian ministry www.jesusredeems.com. Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus is the founder of "Jesus Redeems" ministries. In this small village surrounded by Paddy Fields, Mango Groves and a resourceful Water Spring.

www.zionmedia.in Bro.R.Jebasingh was born to Mr.V.Moses Rajamani and Mrs. Perinbam as a beloved son. Right from his childhood, they brought him up in strict discipline and Christian virtues. www.zioncommunications.org He is a Gospel Lyricist working in Jesus Redeems Ministries.

Nearest Railway Stations:
  • Kurumbur 1 km
  • Tuticorin 35 km
  • Tirunelveli 40 km
Nearest Airports:
  • Tuticorin 30km
  • Madurai 145 km
  • Trivandrum 160 km
Author - Le An
Lasted updated - February 3, 2008
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