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All India Radio Station

Tuticorin known as pearl city is situated on the deep south east coast of India close to Srilanka. This town has been selected for the coverage of south eastern Asia particularly Srilanka for the external service of all India radio, with a 2x100 KW Medium wave transmitter with directional antenna system.

The six figure coordintes(as measured by G.P.S. meter) for the studiosite which is situated at Evan's park is given under:
  • Latitude:08 deg. 47 min. 49.3sec. (N)
  • Longitude:78 deg.07 min.37.5 sec(E)
The climate of tuticorin is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The maximum temperature crosses to 39 deg and the minimum is around 20 deg celsius. Rainfall in this area is very scarce. The total rainfall from both the south-west and the north-east monsoons put together may not cross 500 mm, which is the lowest in Tamil Nadu.

At present the broadcast pattern of this station is as follows:
  • 330 minutes of tamil programme(130 mts. relay and 200 mts originated from tuticorin station)
  • 150 minutes of sinhalese programe(relay from Delhi)
  • 60 minutes of english programmes(relay from Delhi)
The total duration of 09 hrs spread over two transmissions i.e. from 0530 to 0900 hrs in the morning and 1530 to 2100 hrs in the evening are being broadcast.

Studio Facilities:

The Type 1(R) studio consists of control room, transmission booth, music studio, talk studio, editing/dubbing room, audition booth, rehearsal studio and tape library. The playback and recording facilities have been provided.
The transmitter is of BEL make Type HMB 140, 2x100 KW MW Transmitter with both combining unit and dummy load. It is water cooled transmitter and the operating frequency is 1053 KHz.

Staff Position:

Admn other staff:24
Author - Liberty Writer
Lasted updated - January 7, 2008
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