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Home » Education » Kamak Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Kamak Matriculation Higher Secondary School

The school has a noble background laid by Mr.K.A.M.A.Kaliappa Nadar. He was shortly called Kamak by his British friends. The present management of this school is the third generation of Kamak.

As a philanthropist his concern was to bring education even to the rural areas and to the downtrodden. Inorder to widen his service to humanity, Kamak charities was found on the 25th january 1963 with Mr.Kamak as its founder president.

Kamak junior school came into existence in the year 1985 and the Kamak high school in the year 1992. the school is now with about 800 children and 50 teachers to serve the calling. 22nd june, the day on which he breathed his last is celebrated as "THE FOUNDERS DAY" every year and to pay homage to the noble soul of Mr.Kamak who was the embodiment of benevolence, discipline and charity.

The basic aim of this institution is to enable the students to learn by seeing, doing and understanding and thus to enable them to be creative and self confident. The school also identifies the individual talent of every student and to assist them to improve it.

The motto of this school is "DISCIPLINE AND CHARITY". Discipline at every level in each aspect is considered a matter of chief importance. The school aims at providing society based education and prepares the students to meet the challenges. On the whole, the school endeavours, giving Swami Vivekananda's "MAN MAKING EDUCATION"
Author - Liberty Writer
Lasted updated - January 7, 2008
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