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Home » Education » Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

The Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School is established, owned and administered by the sisters of the cross, which has its headquarters at Geneva,Switzerland. The congregation has its registered office at holy cross provinciate, anna nagar, madurai-625020.

The cradle of the school was tha home of tha late Bishop Roche Victoria, where the sisters resided till the present site was acquired. The primary school commenced in january 1904 and was recognised by the director of public instruction in december 1907. The school started growing and in 1922 the first set of pupils appeared for the government middle school examination. The middle school was raised to a high school in 1942 and to the higher secondary level in 1978. with the departure of the European children, the school gradually came to be known as the holy cross anglo indian school.

The primary aim of the institution is to give an all around formation- physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically, culturally and socially and thus make them persons who are happy with themselves, with others and with God.

Although the school is meant primarily for anglo indians and the christians , children of all denominations are admitted irrespective of caste and creed.

The school motto "LOVE AND SERVE" embodies two great values to be lived and cherished. As records show the school has maintained a high academic excellence from the very outset. The pupils received an all around formation under able headmistresses.

Several thousands in various walks of life have passed through the portals of this school and looking back can proudly say,"next to God and my parents this school has made me what i am"

For details visit www.holycross-ais.org
Author - Liberty Writer
Lasted updated - May 8, 2009
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