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Home » Economy » W.Hogewoning dried flowers India Pvt. Ltd

W.Hogewoning dried flowers India Pvt. Ltd


The W.Hogewoning dried flowers India Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 1995, by Mr. Russell Motha. It is located in Melamarudhur in Tuticorin. It occupies a total land area of 34 acres. This company has employ about 600 people. The main achivement of this company is 95% women employment.

This company produces a variety of bouquets, wreaths, potpourris made of dried plant materials. These products are exported to forigen countries like USA, Europe, Russia and Australia. The unique feature of this company is that all these products are done under one proof. It is 100% export oriented company. The total turnover of the company is about 15 crores per year.

Author - Le An
Lasted updated - November 19, 2007
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