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Ramesh Flowers

Ramesh Flowers was founded in 1982 and blossomed to its present stature under the stewardship of Mr. Mahendra Raj Singhwi, Chairman.

Ramesh Flowers Private Limited is a pioneer in the field of dried flowers and botanicals used for Potpourri and Floral arrangements.It is committed to quality and environmental care.Ramesh Flowers is a Government recognised trading house and a 100% export oriented unit.

Ramesh Flowers has a turnover equivalent to 15 million U.S.dollars.It has a 36% market share of the total exports of dried flowers from India.

It conducts business from a well spread-out base at Tuticorin in South India.It has in-house production facilities for bleaching and colouring,good warehousing,modern infrastructure,and the added advantage of close proximity to the port.

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Author - Le An
Lasted updated - January 30, 2008
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