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Marine Fishing
Marine fishing, Pearl and Chunk fishing are famous in this district from the time immemorial.  Thoothukudi is the main centre for deep sea fishing in the district which has a lengthy coast-line of about 140 Km.. Prawn culture is very flourishing in this district and earning considerable amount of foreign exchange.  Now the prawn culture has been banned by the Supreme Court of India due to pollution issues.  The other varieties of fishes are caught and most of the quantity of the fish are exported to all parts of the country.  Some kind of fishes are caught, powdered and backed and it is called as MASI.  The MASI is even exported to all parts of the country as well as foreign countries particularly to Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean countries.  The fish-cake produced here are used for food for prawns and other fishes.  There are 11 marine fishing villages.
Author - Le An
Lasted updated - November 13, 2007
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